Welcome to the Nachtergaele Lab! 

We are a multidisciplinary team interested in discovering new mechanisms of RNA-mediated regulation of cell signaling. Our current focus is on understanding the regulation and functions of modifications on RNA, particularly mRNA. While recent work has shown that mRNA methylation can regulate mRNA processing, stability, and translation, we have only scratched the surface! How cell signaling pathways regulate RNA modifications, and how they, in turn, impact cell signaling, remains very challenging to study. We approach these kinds of questions using a broad range of techniques, including biochemistry, high throughput sequencing, microscopy, cell-based assays, and mass spectrometry, and develop new methods when necessary. Ultimately, our goal is to uncover new regulatory paradigms in RNA biology and to understand their roles in development, homeostasis, and disease.

We are recruiting! Check out the open positions for more information.