Open positions

The Nachtergaele lab is recruiting at all levels! We are a multidisciplinary team studying RNA modifications using a variety of approaches, including RNA and protein biochemistry, high throughput sequencing, microscopy, cell-based assays, and mass spectrometry (RNA and proteomics). A background in one or some of these areas is helpful, but curiosity and a collaborative spirit are essential! 

Graduate students: Interested students should apply to the Yale Combined Program in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS). Please contact Siggy directly if you are interested in a rotation. 

Post docs: Post doc positions are currently available! A background in biochemistry, cell biology, bioinformatics or a related area is helpful, but we always welcome fresh perspectives. To apply please send Siggy a CV, contact information for at least two references, and a short statement describing previous work and future research interests. 

Post-graduate researchers: This is an ideal opportunity for those seeking to gain lab experience before graduate school. Please send Siggy a resume or CV, a description of prior research experience and future goals, and contact information for at least two references. 

Undergrads: We welcome curious undergrads! Whether you have worked in a lab before or are diving in for the first time, we can put together a project based on your interests and experience. Please send Siggy a resume or CV with a description of any relevant coursework you have completed, and if any work in particular caught your attention.